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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Work from Home. Online Scheduler for Piano Tuner, West Island


I am looking for someone who has a pleasant phone manner, is bilingual, is comfortable with computers, and can work 20 hours per week. Experience with telephone sales is a plus, but I don't want aggressive sellers. Hard workers, consistent and determined, just not aggressive.

You must also be honest, conscientious, have a positive attitude, be able to deal with difficulties without antagonizing others, don't always think you're right and are able to apologize when you are wrong, etc. I am looking for someone to help me and my family grow our business. I am generous and willing to compensate good work but it has been very hard to find people who care. I hope that is you. If you are looking for a job that will allow you to put in a meager effort and get paid for it, please, don't bother. I will find out very early and you will just be wasting both our times.

So, if I haven't offended you yet, read on...

I need someone to call all my customers in my database and schedule their regular appointments. My database is online, as well as my calendar and my other technician's calendar. All the work can be done from your home, or anywhere you have a computer, phone, and internet access.

I am able to pay minimum wage at first, with opportunity for increase. I will also pay commission bonuses.

You will be paid as a contractor, which means, you will have to invoice me and I will pay you by email money transfer. You must claim all your earnings on your own tax form at the end of the year.

Please send me a resume with confirmed references, and your phone number and call me to speak more about the position.

Ideally, I would like someone who is able to increase their hours as the business grows. A stay-at-home mom would be perfect as I am hoping to find someone competent who will stay with me for a few years, minimum.

I would also like to eventually (soon?) have you answer my cell phone and book appointments that way too.

I hope you are the right person that I have been looking for.

Mark Cerisano, RPT
Mr. Tuner Piano Service


Do NOT apply to this job if you are trying to offer me some better way of doing my business in exchange for me signing over 51% of my company.

Do NOT apply for this job if you have had trouble keeping jobs in the past because you were difficult to work with and thought your way was always better, and you were always right, and can't figure out why you haven't been able to keep a job.

Do NOT apply for this job if you are not organized, can't spell, like to show up late and leave early, don't respond promptly to emails, don't check emails often, assume someone doesn't like you because they didn't answer your email that was filtered by their email server and you didn't think of actually calling them to find out.

Do NOT apply for this job if you think over representing yourself or the work you do is ok, as long as you get the job.

Do NOT apply for this job unless you are applying for this job. I.e. do NOT try to sell me some other job you can do for me. I do not need a sales manager, a business consultant, etc. The job description is clearly posted. I will not entertain any other ideas of what you may think my business needs are, and what you can offer me, outside of the online scheduling position.

I think you get the idea.


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