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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Customer Service Chat Champion Freelance (Worldwide)

Offerchat is advancing fast. We are changing the pace of first level customer support in online businesses worldwide in the form of online help chat. We assume the role of frontliners for businesses online when it comes to engaging with their website visitors and assisting them through live chat. We are looking for effective team members dedicated to contributing their talents and skills to help us realize our vision, meet our goals, and journey with us through our roadmap to success. We are currently looking for:


You are an amiable, people-loving, far from boring individual who likes encountering fresh, new ideas and routines. You have a deep understanding on how to execute customer service with flair - and you take it very seriously. The people skills you naturally have allow you to make strangers feel secure and comfortable. Your communication skills are impeccable and you can rock out the keyboard with impressive typing. People can see a smile and hear a reassuring voice in your words. To top it off, you can stay focused and alert at times when pressure starts to hammer down the buzzer.


  • Highly Trainable
  • Excellent grammer and communication skills
  • Great typing and chat skills
  • Excellent customer service and soft skills
  • Knowledge in E-Commerce sites

Work Flexibility

Work whenever you want, as much as you want.

Higher pay

Build a reputation for high quality to earn higher pay, bonuses and more interesting assignments.

Learn and grow

Work on interesting assignments for top internet brands in entertainment, medical, travel, finance, history and more. Improve your writing as you go through our innovative grading and revision process.


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