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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Various Telework Associations..

The Canadian Telework Association (CTA) is a Canadian non-profit telework association dedicated to promoting telework in Canada.
We have well over 1,000 members, primarily from Canada, but also from dozens of countries. They include individuals, corporate bodies (small, medium and large), academics, and governments (at all levels).
The Telework Association also known as the TCA is Europe's largest organisation dedicated to the promotion of teleworking. Over 2,000 people and organisations have joined us since we started in 1993. The TCA believes that teleworking can benefit people by increasing the quality of life and improving access to work.


We welcome you to the website of the Dutch E-work Foundation (TelewerkForum) We are an independent foundation, started in 1995 as an offspring from a major project of the Dutch Ministry of Transport to prevent traffic jams on our busy highways. Our foundation aims to stimulate (tel)e-working in the Netherlands by promoting all benefits to a variety of groups: Employers, employees, governments and other stakeholders like employers-associations and trade unions. We provide information to all those interested in this field by means of focused presentations, information packages, this website with knowledge-base, books and publications, etc. TelewerkForum is sponsored by the following contribuants who enable us to continue our "missionary" work in the Netherlands: Dutch Ministry of Transport Cisco Systems Getronics Hewlett Packard Nederland B.V. Ikea Nederland B.V. Oracle Nederland B.V. Overmars Organisatie AdviseursPinkRoccade Educational Services Schuuring Communicatie Netwerk SNT Conferencing Services XS4All Our steady focus on teleworking has been successful: The Netherlands has the highest percentage teleworkers, viz. 21% of the total working population. (Compared to the US: 17%; to the EU average: 7%), but we still continue our effort to promote teleworking, as traffice jams and car penetration still increase, whilst the rapid deployment of technical facilities in the Netherrlands is facilitating e-working possibilities (UMTS, broadband, etc.). If you want further information, feel free to contact us. Yours sincerely, Philip P. Todd Director Stichting Nederlands (Tel)E-werkforum Telewerkforum is an associated member of the Dutch Federation of ICT-Vendors (Nederland~ICT).
Stichting Nederlands TelewerkForum
Postbus 4013440 AK WoerdenPompmolenlaan 10 A3447 GK WoerdenThe NetherlandsTel.: +31 (0)348 483 858Fax: +31 (0)348 482 288Mob.: +31 (0)6 54686208E-mail: philip.todd@telewerkforum.nlE-mail: info@telewerkforum.nlInternet:


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