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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Sept 9, 2006

sorry no posts lately...just got back from a trip to Nova Scotia...
I came across the listing below...on this site called "Good Work"
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Vegan Employment, General Manager, f/t,, Toronto ON, immed./Sep 15 deadline
EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYPosition: Vegan Employment -- General Manager -- Downbound.caOrganization:
Application deadline: Sep 15, 2006
Start date: Immediately
Location: Toronto ON, Canada
ABOUT THE COMPANY:Downbound is a Toronto-based online retailer, marketing and shipping products that are vegan, sweatshop-free, and as environmentally friendly as possible. It has been online since March 2005, and has customers throughout the world, with the majority being in the United States. Its three websites are,, and It is currently a small operation, with the intention to grow significantly. Downbound's founder and president, Adam Wilson, is also a founder and director of the Toronto Animal Rights Society.
JOB TITLE: General Manager
REMUNERATION:* $15 per hour as either independent contractor (no deductions, UI, CPP, etc.) or employee* Hourly rate is negotiable based on skills and experience
POSITION:Support President by running all facets of Downbound's day-to-day operations, including:* Customer Service* Supplier Communications* Packaging & Shipping* Website Updates* Writing Product Descriptions* Proactive Marketing Communications* etc.
This is a high-responsibility position, requiring a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit, willing and able to tackle and solve virtually any foreseeable issue that a small business may encounter. You will treat this business as your own, and feel comfortable with high-level communications as well as potentially menial tasks.
LOCATION:You will primarily work from home, and must have use of a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.
TRANSPORTATION:Once or twice per week, you will be responsible for packaging and shipping orders from Downbound's headquarters in the High Park / Junction area of Toronto. It will be an asset, though not a necessity, for you to have permanent access to a car or other means of transporting approximately one car load of packages at a time to the post office.
PHYSICAL LABOUR:While the majority of your work will be non-physical, some inventory and packages weigh up to 45 lbs. Your ability to lift heavy packages will be an asset, but is not a necessity.
HOURS:* This is a full-time position, requiring up to 40 hours per week. You will set your own work schedule.* A part-time version of this position may be available to the right candidate, so specify if this is a need.
QUALIFICATIONS:This job opportunity is only open to candidates who are vegan, and who self-identify with the ethics of Downbound (human rights, animal rights, and environmentalism).The successful candidate will possess:* High proficiency with computers (useful programs include Outlook Express, Excel, PhotoShop, etc.)* Extremely strong writing and grammar skills* Strong problem solving skills* Impeccable attention to and memory for small detail* Confidence, affability, and clarity in email, phone, and person-to-person interactions* Vibrant imagination and creativity* Ability to adapt to changing work requirements* Skill in conveying complicated details in clear and simple termsAssets for this position include:* University education* Customer service experience* Marketing experience* Website HTML / design experience* Shipping experience* Accounting / financial experience* Public relations experience
START DATE:Immediately
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:Submit cover letter, resume, and references to Adam Wilson at adam.wilson*


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