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Monday, November 22, 2004


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hello and Welcome to the World of Telecommuting in Canada!I decided that my researching of telecommuitng opportunities in Canada needed a permanent home so here we are! I will also be posting any wahj(work at home jobs) that are home based JOBS but not necessarily telecommuting local companies that might need a homebased worker local to their city so as to be able to pick up work once a week,etc.
Canadian Telework Association <"">Monthly newsletter. Lots of great information! This is NOT a job lisitng service!
Basic Sites for telecommuting opportunities....

The HRDC(Human Resources Developement Centre) jobbank site use various search words "home office" "home based" "work from home"
Search "Canada"Monster as well sometimes has listings BE CAREFUL and read carefully....a lot are disguised as jobs but are really "business opportunities".

Check local papers Some papers have their classifies online and free access to non subscribers. Is there a job that you are qualified for that you could possibly turn into a wfhj? A lot of telecommuting opportunities arise after an employee has worked onsite for a period of time.

Charity Village
Jobs in the nonprofit sector. As well search the HRC site using the charity as the search word. Some charities don't list all their job at Charity Village as it is for paid listings.

Charitable Organizations and Paid Jobs
Some charities now hire paid work from home recruiters for their volunteer recruiting for fundraisng campaigns. They also hire paid co-ordinators to manage the home recruiters, look after the funraising door-to-door campaign, etc. Here is a list of some of the charities that I know of....
Kidney Founation of Canada For the March Door-to-Door campaign. Home based recruiters are usually hired beginning of January and work approximately 20 hrs a week calling possibly volunteers for the campaign. Work usually ends by the latest mid Febrary.
March of Dimes (Ontario) is the Door-to-Door campaign. Homebased recruiters are hired in the fall.
CNIB May is the annual door-to-door campaign in Ontario. Homebased recruiters are hired in Jan/Feb.
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Margie said...
Here are some more links...I found them off my local jobsite here in Ontario. It's for JobsPeterborough
Government of Canada Work Search help
Board Main HRDC website
9:57 AM
Margie said...
PLEASE NOTE....October 25th this is happening NOW for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!!Heart and Stoke Foundation also hires telerecruiters based from home...some offices have telerecruiters in their office as well as others calling from their homes.Telecruiters work during the month of November while other large areas have telerecruiters working through to mid December and then again in January.Check the link will take you to the contact page on their website call the appropriate office for your area..


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